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How Top Companies Make Work Mobile and Engage Their Employees: How Does the New Work Culture Impact the Enterprise?

The mobile collaboration and the new work culture are the hottest topics of the last months. It is not only about how to bring all the company data onto a mobile device: Many other topics such as GDPR, security and cloud become more and more important.

In 2018 the percentage of companies using multi-cloud strategies is higher than ever before. Employees using their smartphones in a business context are more than usual and multi-channel workplaces are the future of our society. In addition, the human factor increasingly is the main success factor for a successful digitalization.

In light of these developments, at the World Class Mobile Collaboration 2018 on the 13th and 14th of September in Frankfurt, Europe’s mobile digital workplace leaders meet to exchange best practices and talk about new trends. The audience consists of decision-makers and leaders in internal communications, digital workplace, virtual leadership, IT and security.

Kirsten Weisbender, Managing Director of Commerzbank, Germany, explains, for example, the cultural change in the digital age and the workforce transformation as well as the shift of the mindset and the digital know how. She concludes by presenting Commerzbank’s unique leadership program based on these new realities.

Susan Quain, Senior Internal Digital Channels Manager, showcases the mobile work culture at Fidelity International including the recent GDPR implementation and the alignment of departments in a culturally diverse environment.

Manfred Langen, Head of Research for Digitalization & Automation of Siemens, Germany talks about the future of mobile human-machine collaboration and how artificial intelligence influences human work efficiency.

In the exposition area selected sponsors showcase the newest trends and developments in the mobile collaboration industry. The event takes place in parallel with the World Class Digital Finance Transformation 2018.

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