Telecom Expense Management 2012

As business and market conditions remain unpredictable, many organizations are looking for ways to reduce expenses. In many global companies, the telecommunication costs form a significant contribution to the overall costs. TEM is not only about telephone costs, mobile, fixed and IP, but also about the expenses of data transfer. In big organizations, that hold offices all over the world, these costs normally count for several millions. Therefore, an applied management structure is indispensable.

At the moment, missing transparency about Telco services, provider contracts and procurement lead to ineffective processes when it comes to the distribution of costs and bills, and ultimately to higher and unneeded costs. Experts are talking about a potential to cut costs up to 20%. Furthermore, the Telecommunication costs often apply to the five biggest expenses in global companies.

Datum: 18.06.2012 – 19.06.2012 – 18.06.2012 – 19.06.2012 – 18.06.2012 – 19.06.2012 
Ort: Westin Grand Hotel Berlin

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